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So i started to watch the UK version of the office, and even though the first episode seems to have the same scrip in both, the US version is just better. I think that the characters are developed better, but i like how the "JIM" character in both look the same. I think that the characters are more exagerated in the US version, like how dwight is really weird in the us one. In the UK one the characters are way to mellow, so the us version is better.

it might have to do with the fact that i can't understand half the shit they're saying in the uk version.
03 January 2007 @ 09:31 am
For some reason I thought that I was on break till the 8th, but I was wrong, UCD started on the 3rd, so here I am, back at school. I already had one class, and it went ok. I like the chemistry teacher, he has a Russian accent that’s kind of had to understand, but after having a shit load of teachers with really bad Asian accents its kind of nice to hear something else.

I heard some people in the class talk about sororities and fraternities, and it made me want to kill myself. They talked about all the things that they do in them, and it just reminded me of high school. Fuck them.

There is a special place in hell for people who join sororities and fraternities, its the same place where child molester, rapists, and boy bands go. So don't join a fraternities or sorority if you don't want to spend eternity get raped by catholic priest with "bye bye bye" in the background.

I started making a list of questions that pop in my head, some of these I already asked, but here is the list so far.

is it technically plagiarism to copy someone’s ideas if you were cloned from that person?

If you have sex with a pregnant women does it count as a 3sum?

If you’re in prison for life, then you have a heart attack and die for a hour, then your brought back to life using the miracles of modern medicine, are you free to go?

Is it considered bestiality to have sex with those people in Harry potter that can turn into animals while they are in their animal forms?

If someone got a bad burn on their face and in order to fix it doctors took a skin graph from there ass, does that make them a butt face?

If you’re gay do you get turned on by looking at yourself in the mirror?

Does a lie detector work on someone with amnesia?
15 December 2006 @ 01:38 am
I couldn't find a movie online to watch, so i watched The Notebook, and i learned something, if you want to say something romantic, or write something romantic, just make sure that whatever your saying doesn't make any sense and is pointless.

There is a scene in the notebook where the girl says to a guy "do you think i could have been a bird in another life? say I’m a bird." he refuses, probably cause its so stupid, so she keeps insisting "say i'm a bird" so he does, and she runs and jumps up on him and they start kissing and laughing. then she says "say you're a bird" so he says "well if you're a bird, then i'm a bird" then the have a long kiss.

What the fuck is that shit! say i'm a bird? Bitch, you are fucking crazy. what the hell is wrong with you, that doesn't even make sense. if some one started to yell at you "say i'm a bird" you would think they had lost it. but girls love this movie and shit like that, so just say something stupid. it might actually work better if you wrote it then if you tried to use it in real life.

written scenario:

Me: "say i'm a taco"
Vanessa: "What?"
Me: "say i'm a taco!"
Vanessa:"haha ok your a taco"
Me: "now say you're a taco"
Vanessa: "of course, if you're a taco, then i'm a taco"
long kiss.....

weird, but if you had the right lighting, and as long a someone kisses, it could be romantic. the taco thing is kind of weird, but it makes just as much sense as a bird. now here is what would really happen.

real life scenario:

Me:” say i'm a taco"
Vanessa:” what?"
Me:” say i'm a taco!"
Vanessa:” what the fuck is wrong with you?"
Vanessa: "Fuck you! i'm not saying your a taco. You fucking lost it."
.....awkward silence.........

ya, it just doesn't work in real life. one part of the movie that i hate is the almost sex scene were the girl won't shut the fuck up. she just keeps talking, asking the guy what he's thinking. he's probably thinking why don't you just shut the fuck up so he can fuck you already. Do girls really ask guys what there thinking about when they have sex? that’s just stupid. the guy is thinking about sex, what the hell is the girl thinking about?

overall, the movie was pretty good.
29 November 2006 @ 06:23 pm
nothing that interesting post. i finished my 3 hour chem lab in 40 minutes.(i know, i kick ass)

i invented a new game, if you don't already know. I steal forks, spoons and knives from the DC. So far i have 1 spoon 2 forks and 0 knives. I think that i might just drop the knife part of the game, cause if you see someone stealing a spoon you just think whatever, but if you see them stealing a knife you think they're going to kill someone. hmm...... i don't know.

just got my 3rd essay back, and to no surprise i got another A.(well A-, but whatever) this just goes to prove that my teacher wants me. so far i have gotten a B+ and 2 A's, and today we played this little game in class, and i won, and the teacher said she would raise your lowest paper grade by 1/3rd of a letter, which means that my B+ is now an A. so i have 3 A. I don't think that i can write good, so that just goes to show you that my teacher wants me so bad that she's giveing me good grades, either that or i'm just a genius and she wants me for my mind, either way its still NO. by the way, she's 24, just thought you would want to know so it doesn't sound like some 40 year old chick is hitting on me.
29 October 2006 @ 10:31 pm
DAMN, ITS HOT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!
18 October 2006 @ 07:27 pm
I really missed tv, so i found a couple websites that have tv shows that you can view online, and i decided to post them


this one is ok. the shows just connect to You Tube, so sometime the files don't work. another bad thing is that the episodes are in alph order, so you might have to go to wikipedia to get a list of the names of the episodes in order. the one good thing is that they have a big archive of tv shows, animes,cartoons and other shit.


this ones good. not a huge selection, but they organized the files by season. i use this to watch scrubs, plus they don't just use you tube.
12 October 2006 @ 10:21 am
I’m really starting to like college, except for a few things that are really starting to piss me off.

Southern Californians.

So I was talking to this girl in my chemistry discussion class when she mentions that she lives in Cuarto, which is by far a way better dorm then mine. So I replied with

“wow, cuarto is hella nice”

she pauses, then say “…hella…. I’m from San Diego, we don’t say “hella” there..” then she gives me this look like she’s better then me or something. This guy next to me mentions something about how he’s from so-cal and she just starts talking to him about how much they think so-cal is better.

FUCK YOU, YOU SCRAWNY BITCH! Like I give a fuck if you don’t say hella in San Diego. Go fuck yourself. What’s really starting to get me mad is when I hear the so-cal people say things like “Its so cold up here” Ya, it might have something to do with the fact that YOU LIVED IN A FUCKING DESERT!! This is the way its suppose to be, as the season change so does the temperature, humans weren’t meant to live in the fucking desert you stupid bitch.

So let add so-cal people to the list of things I hate.

1. Turtles
2. Oregon
3. Rich snobs
4. Stupid people
5. Poor snobs
6. So-cal people

My chem class

All of my other classes aren’t that hard. The only one that is really causing me trouble is my chemistry class. We just go way to fast in that class. For me science is like Wine. You should enjoy it slowly, savor each new fact, indulge in the taste of discovery, but instead it’s like I’m taking it through a beer bong. It’s like watching a show on animal planet in fast motion, cramming an hour worth of programming into a 10 minute slot, then being told that you have to take a test on it, all the while the narrator of the film is speaking in broke ass “engrish”

This doesn’t go on my list cause all though it’s fast, I still like science.

My Writing teacher.

How can I put this simply? She is the biggest tool that has ever tooled a tool.

The teachers for the writing classes get to decide on what they want the students to write about, so my teacher decide to do it on pop culture. Ya... Me and pop culture don’t get along that well. What else is getting to me is that the class is full of people just like the teacher. If you see something on the news about a kid who killed 20 students and a teacher in a UCD writing class, there’s a big chance that it’s me.

Just yesterday my teacher was talking about what TV shows she was going to watch that night

“OH MY GOD! Project runway is on tonight and I have to see it, cause if I don’t I might just start forming my own opinions and ideas on topics that actually matter, instead of just ingesting them from famous actors who don’t know what there talking about and regurgitating them as if they were my own original thought.”

Fucking Hate her

I like that food, the food is pretty good

In harry potter does it count as bestiality if those people that can turn into animals have sex in that form?
29 September 2006 @ 12:02 pm
I just saw someone watching willy wonka and the chocolate factory on there laptop and it made me realize something, that is one fucked up movie.

I’m not talking about the fact that some old dude is living with a bunch of child looking, gay umpas, or the fact that half of the shit he has in his factory have nothing to do with making candy, i'm talking about a very simple part that most people don't even think about.

first lets look at the story: there is a contest that is going to let people talk a tour of the candy factory if they can find some stupid golden thing in there chocolate. this factory is suppose to be the shit. everyone wants to go in and see the wonderful world that its suppose to be. then There is a poor kid, I don't remember his name, and he is poor. i know i said that already but he is realllly poor.

His family is poor because his mom works to support the kid, and 3 grand parents that apparently can't walk. there house is a piece of shit, and the mom works her ass off. Now the kid, like everyone else wants to go see the factory, so he spends what little money he has on one of those bars, and after some shit happens it turns out he won. he races home to his shit hole of a house and to his dead tired mom and three crippled grandparents to show him that he won.

it turns out that he can take one person with him, and who does he take? his grand pa! then A MIRICAL HAPPENS!!!! he can walk!


The poor mom is working her ass off to support this crappy family, and the whole fucking time the grand pa guy could fucking walk? what the fuck is this shit?! the lazy bastard could have helped support the family, but instead he pretends to be crippled!!! and on top of that he only starts to walk once his grand kid wins something apparently huge and important to the people of this world. What a fucking prick!! that bastard would have let the family starve before he got his lazy ass up and went back to work.

God damn it! what a little ass-hole!

and you know if that kid wasn't offered to go live in the chocolate factory with his family that the old prick would have gone right back to bed! what really makes me mad is that the mom didn't seem to care! i would have been PISSED!!!! i would have beaten the shit out of him to make sure that he really could never walk again! then i would go over to the other two old people and beat the shit out of them just to make sure that they weren't lying to me.

Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
27 September 2006 @ 11:16 pm
now i can see why people (like katie) post so much, they just have nothing better to do. i'm bored. i'm in college, waiting for classes to start, and i'm bored. i can't wait till chem tomorrow. i'm bored. thats why i'm posting shit.

i just met Lisa hatamya when i went to get some food. I didn't even know she went here. well she said that she'd call me on friday and take me to a party.

YAY!!! LOOK MOMMY, I"m hanging with the cool people now!!!!!!!!!

no seriously, lisa is kinda fun, well at least she was the 2 times i hungout with her. Plus i'm grasping at anyhting that will keep me entertained in till the week end.

well i'm off to bed night.
23 September 2006 @ 08:04 pm
well it was actually the sauna that caught on fire. my apartment is right above the sauna/fitness room, so when it caught fire all of the smoke went right into my apartment.

let me tell you the story, a true story... a story of tragedy.... a story of hardships, and losses.... a story in which I almost lost my very life along with my family....

this is my story....

I had just finished packing all of my clothes for college, which fit nicely into only two relatively small boxes. I had just washed, folded and sorted all of the items at the expense of nearly 2 hours of the precious free time i had left till summer vacation was over and the demanding life of college began. i was a little proud of myself for getting a head start on packing, seeing as how i would normal wait till the last minute, and in the rush forget about half of what was needed for a successful life in college.

After i had packed a few more things, i decided that it was time that i should head off to bed. i noted the time to be approximately 1:30 am, a good hour and a half earlier then i usually decided to venture off to bed. i didn't notice anything weird at the time, everything seemed as usual as always. little did i know that something was about to happen that would totally alter the day of packing i had planned tomorrow.

i was sound asleep when my mom busted into my room shouting, "Guys the apartment is filled with smoke! we have to get out of here!"

I then jumped from my bed and began to take notice of my surroundings, smoke had already filled the upper half of my room, and now with the door open it began billowing in relentlessly. The thick smoked blocked my sight and stung my eyes and lungs with each gasp for air. i had managed to get to my door when i heard my mom tell my brother josh to grab are new puppy while she called 911. i decided that i should head for the stairs and make sure that there was nothing blocking my families escape from the black, life threatening smoke.

i looked around expecting to see a flame somewhere, but to my surprise there was only more smoke. josh was coming to the stairs quickly as i heard my mom talk on the phone, the phrase "smoke inhalation" repeated over and over. i headed down the stairs with josh right behind me. Pumpkin, the puppy, wiggled in josh's hands, trying to escape so she could go back for my mom. She finally managed to do so and resulted in her being dropped, hitting the last 2 stairs before me. she quickly got up and darted back up the stairs. i told josh i would go back for her and that he should go outside. i ran up the stairs and grabbed the dog. i started my way back down and headed out the door. seconds after i emerged from the smoke in fumed apartment my mom appeared holding a box.

the four of us, me, my mom, josh and pumpkin headed out to the front of the complex to wait for the fire trucks. it was at this time that i noticed that i was the only one who had not gotten dressed in the confusion of the smoke. so there i was, outside in nothing but boxers, holding a small mutt. The air was chilly seeing as how it was only 3:00 in the mourning. I asked my mom why she grabed the box and she simply replied "it has my money in it".

after the firefighters came and determined that it was the sauna that had caught on fire, me and my family retired to a vacant apartment where we spent the rest of the night. When we awoke the next mourning we found out that although nothing in our apartment had been damaged, a fate far worse had struck our possessions. EVERY THING SMELLED LIKE SMOKE!!!!!!!!! everything!!!

this is when the true tragedy began. after spending so much time washing my clothes, folding them and sorting them, they all smelled like smoke. I had to RE-wash everything, RE-fold everything, RE-sort everything. i thought that the cruel smoke merely wanted to take my life, but no! he was did something far worse then take my life, He stole my last day of summer vacation! i had to spend the day trying to clean up the mess that the smoke had left behind.

despite sacrificing my last day of summer the smell did not seem to vanish, and even as i sit here typing, the smoke taunts me with the foul odor that he left behind.

ya so now everything i own smells like smoke. sucks ass.