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23 September 2006 @ 08:04 pm
my apartment caught on fire...... kinda  
well it was actually the sauna that caught on fire. my apartment is right above the sauna/fitness room, so when it caught fire all of the smoke went right into my apartment.

let me tell you the story, a true story... a story of tragedy.... a story of hardships, and losses.... a story in which I almost lost my very life along with my family....

this is my story....

I had just finished packing all of my clothes for college, which fit nicely into only two relatively small boxes. I had just washed, folded and sorted all of the items at the expense of nearly 2 hours of the precious free time i had left till summer vacation was over and the demanding life of college began. i was a little proud of myself for getting a head start on packing, seeing as how i would normal wait till the last minute, and in the rush forget about half of what was needed for a successful life in college.

After i had packed a few more things, i decided that it was time that i should head off to bed. i noted the time to be approximately 1:30 am, a good hour and a half earlier then i usually decided to venture off to bed. i didn't notice anything weird at the time, everything seemed as usual as always. little did i know that something was about to happen that would totally alter the day of packing i had planned tomorrow.

i was sound asleep when my mom busted into my room shouting, "Guys the apartment is filled with smoke! we have to get out of here!"

I then jumped from my bed and began to take notice of my surroundings, smoke had already filled the upper half of my room, and now with the door open it began billowing in relentlessly. The thick smoked blocked my sight and stung my eyes and lungs with each gasp for air. i had managed to get to my door when i heard my mom tell my brother josh to grab are new puppy while she called 911. i decided that i should head for the stairs and make sure that there was nothing blocking my families escape from the black, life threatening smoke.

i looked around expecting to see a flame somewhere, but to my surprise there was only more smoke. josh was coming to the stairs quickly as i heard my mom talk on the phone, the phrase "smoke inhalation" repeated over and over. i headed down the stairs with josh right behind me. Pumpkin, the puppy, wiggled in josh's hands, trying to escape so she could go back for my mom. She finally managed to do so and resulted in her being dropped, hitting the last 2 stairs before me. she quickly got up and darted back up the stairs. i told josh i would go back for her and that he should go outside. i ran up the stairs and grabbed the dog. i started my way back down and headed out the door. seconds after i emerged from the smoke in fumed apartment my mom appeared holding a box.

the four of us, me, my mom, josh and pumpkin headed out to the front of the complex to wait for the fire trucks. it was at this time that i noticed that i was the only one who had not gotten dressed in the confusion of the smoke. so there i was, outside in nothing but boxers, holding a small mutt. The air was chilly seeing as how it was only 3:00 in the mourning. I asked my mom why she grabed the box and she simply replied "it has my money in it".

after the firefighters came and determined that it was the sauna that had caught on fire, me and my family retired to a vacant apartment where we spent the rest of the night. When we awoke the next mourning we found out that although nothing in our apartment had been damaged, a fate far worse had struck our possessions. EVERY THING SMELLED LIKE SMOKE!!!!!!!!! everything!!!

this is when the true tragedy began. after spending so much time washing my clothes, folding them and sorting them, they all smelled like smoke. I had to RE-wash everything, RE-fold everything, RE-sort everything. i thought that the cruel smoke merely wanted to take my life, but no! he was did something far worse then take my life, He stole my last day of summer vacation! i had to spend the day trying to clean up the mess that the smoke had left behind.

despite sacrificing my last day of summer the smell did not seem to vanish, and even as i sit here typing, the smoke taunts me with the foul odor that he left behind.

ya so now everything i own smells like smoke. sucks ass.
ixnos on September 25th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)
this is my story....

The world almost did get you to die for its sins.

But on a serious note, HOLY SHIT. And I'm glad you and your family are alright.