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12 October 2006 @ 10:21 am
what i hate about college  
I’m really starting to like college, except for a few things that are really starting to piss me off.

Southern Californians.

So I was talking to this girl in my chemistry discussion class when she mentions that she lives in Cuarto, which is by far a way better dorm then mine. So I replied with

“wow, cuarto is hella nice”

she pauses, then say “…hella…. I’m from San Diego, we don’t say “hella” there..” then she gives me this look like she’s better then me or something. This guy next to me mentions something about how he’s from so-cal and she just starts talking to him about how much they think so-cal is better.

FUCK YOU, YOU SCRAWNY BITCH! Like I give a fuck if you don’t say hella in San Diego. Go fuck yourself. What’s really starting to get me mad is when I hear the so-cal people say things like “Its so cold up here” Ya, it might have something to do with the fact that YOU LIVED IN A FUCKING DESERT!! This is the way its suppose to be, as the season change so does the temperature, humans weren’t meant to live in the fucking desert you stupid bitch.

So let add so-cal people to the list of things I hate.

1. Turtles
2. Oregon
3. Rich snobs
4. Stupid people
5. Poor snobs
6. So-cal people

My chem class

All of my other classes aren’t that hard. The only one that is really causing me trouble is my chemistry class. We just go way to fast in that class. For me science is like Wine. You should enjoy it slowly, savor each new fact, indulge in the taste of discovery, but instead it’s like I’m taking it through a beer bong. It’s like watching a show on animal planet in fast motion, cramming an hour worth of programming into a 10 minute slot, then being told that you have to take a test on it, all the while the narrator of the film is speaking in broke ass “engrish”

This doesn’t go on my list cause all though it’s fast, I still like science.

My Writing teacher.

How can I put this simply? She is the biggest tool that has ever tooled a tool.

The teachers for the writing classes get to decide on what they want the students to write about, so my teacher decide to do it on pop culture. Ya... Me and pop culture don’t get along that well. What else is getting to me is that the class is full of people just like the teacher. If you see something on the news about a kid who killed 20 students and a teacher in a UCD writing class, there’s a big chance that it’s me.

Just yesterday my teacher was talking about what TV shows she was going to watch that night

“OH MY GOD! Project runway is on tonight and I have to see it, cause if I don’t I might just start forming my own opinions and ideas on topics that actually matter, instead of just ingesting them from famous actors who don’t know what there talking about and regurgitating them as if they were my own original thought.”

Fucking Hate her

I like that food, the food is pretty good

In harry potter does it count as bestiality if those people that can turn into animals have sex in that form?
<3_blondeambition on October 12th, 2006 09:52 pm (UTC)
try going to school in santa barbara. every time you say hella, you get a "haha.. HELLA.." and a dirty look. fuckers.
clevername88clevername88 on October 12th, 2006 10:21 pm (UTC)
Matt I miss your humor. I have to make up for the lack of biting commentary in my dorm. People from southern california are nice but that may be the problem. They are over nice on the surface and then cutthroat behind closed doors. Good commentary on science.
clevername88clevername88 on October 12th, 2006 10:23 pm (UTC)
agree with your hate list except for turtles and sexy southern california girls