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29 November 2006 @ 06:23 pm
nothing that interesting post. i finished my 3 hour chem lab in 40 minutes.(i know, i kick ass)

i invented a new game, if you don't already know. I steal forks, spoons and knives from the DC. So far i have 1 spoon 2 forks and 0 knives. I think that i might just drop the knife part of the game, cause if you see someone stealing a spoon you just think whatever, but if you see them stealing a knife you think they're going to kill someone. hmm...... i don't know.

just got my 3rd essay back, and to no surprise i got another A.(well A-, but whatever) this just goes to prove that my teacher wants me. so far i have gotten a B+ and 2 A's, and today we played this little game in class, and i won, and the teacher said she would raise your lowest paper grade by 1/3rd of a letter, which means that my B+ is now an A. so i have 3 A. I don't think that i can write good, so that just goes to show you that my teacher wants me so bad that she's giveing me good grades, either that or i'm just a genius and she wants me for my mind, either way its still NO. by the way, she's 24, just thought you would want to know so it doesn't sound like some 40 year old chick is hitting on me.
<3_blondeambition on November 30th, 2006 05:56 pm (UTC)
pssh. we steal glasses and bowls from OUR dining commons. and forks sometimes, but usually bigger helpful items.