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03 January 2007 @ 09:31 am
first day back....... fuck....  
For some reason I thought that I was on break till the 8th, but I was wrong, UCD started on the 3rd, so here I am, back at school. I already had one class, and it went ok. I like the chemistry teacher, he has a Russian accent that’s kind of had to understand, but after having a shit load of teachers with really bad Asian accents its kind of nice to hear something else.

I heard some people in the class talk about sororities and fraternities, and it made me want to kill myself. They talked about all the things that they do in them, and it just reminded me of high school. Fuck them.

There is a special place in hell for people who join sororities and fraternities, its the same place where child molester, rapists, and boy bands go. So don't join a fraternities or sorority if you don't want to spend eternity get raped by catholic priest with "bye bye bye" in the background.

I started making a list of questions that pop in my head, some of these I already asked, but here is the list so far.

is it technically plagiarism to copy someone’s ideas if you were cloned from that person?

If you have sex with a pregnant women does it count as a 3sum?

If you’re in prison for life, then you have a heart attack and die for a hour, then your brought back to life using the miracles of modern medicine, are you free to go?

Is it considered bestiality to have sex with those people in Harry potter that can turn into animals while they are in their animal forms?

If someone got a bad burn on their face and in order to fix it doctors took a skin graph from there ass, does that make them a butt face?

If you’re gay do you get turned on by looking at yourself in the mirror?

Does a lie detector work on someone with amnesia?