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i saw this on his myspace. damn.... kinda wish i could do that...

you know i don't think he looks to bad with his head shaved. at least he doesn't look like he has leukemia. maybe i should shave my head like that.

he put down photography as his occupation. thats a lie. he does really like art, like alot, like i think he is gay for art.

link to my cool older brothers myspace... just because he's so cool.
damn work was busy today. the line was out the door for 4 hours straight. alot of shit has happened since the last time i posted something, but if your reading this you already know it. funny thing happened with this kid trying to hand out some religious pamphlets.

Kid: hey take one of these and learn about jesus and how he died for your sins

me: No thanks, i'm tring to quit

the kid then starts to follow beside me as i walk away

kid: quit... what do you mean? quiet jesus?

me: ya, i'm trying to quit, to much of that shit and it starts effecting your brain. you start fighting holy wars and crusades in the name of your god. then before you know it your killing of masses of people just because there religion is different then yours.

kid: hey, you don't have to belittle my beliefs

Me: well aren't you doing the same thing by trying to convert me? you don't know what i believe in yet you sit there on the street corner practically telling people that your religion is better. so ya, i might be making fun of your religion, but your belittling the belief of every person you hand that pamphlet out to

kid: well......

BEST MOMENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you know what sacramento lacks, beside everything else it lacks, we lack a make out point. me and vanessa are finding it hard to find a place to go to so we can do stuff. fuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!

well thats all bitches, peace
24 July 2006 @ 11:37 pm
i just downloaded superman returns and watched it.... WTF! i have so many problems with that movie. i know that its just a movie and that it doesn't always have to make sense, but shouldn't they at least try?

problem number 1: what the fuck is supermans suit made of? just because superman is bullet proof doesn't mean that his suit is. if the suit is that good why wasn't the plane wrapped in that shit? And another thing, it can deflect bullets but it can't stop lex from stabbing him? who the fuck makes a suit like that? lets examine this...

scientist 1: "Look i made a material thats light weight and bullet proof"
scientist 2: "Wow thats great"
scientist 1: "Ya, we can make a suit and you can bullet proof"
scientist 2: "wait... how are you going to sew a suit if its bullet proof? won't the needle be stopped?"
scientist 1: "well... its not needle proof, knife proof or sharp object proof"
scientist 2: "so your telling me that if i put it on i can stop bullets, but i can be taken down by a safety pin?"
scientist 1: "umm... ya, kinda."

the only way this suit would make since is if it was made with his own hair, which doesn't seem practical.

problem number 2: lois lane is a little power whore. she's in love with superman, but treats clark like crap. she continually interrupts him, and generally doesn't give a fuck if he lives or dies. if i was him i would be like "fuck this bitch!!" This movie just goes to show you that girls suck. they totally blow off the nice guy just so they can fantasize about some other guy. DAMN IT GIRLS!!! NICE GUYS LIKE US AREN"T GOING TO TAKE THIS MUCH LONGER!!!

problem number 3: what is up with the local police department? A good cop would look at the tape from the museum, or locate the source of the black out. how can lex put on a wig and get away with so much crap? but then again this is the world in which no one other then a little asthmatic boy can see the similarities between clark and superman. How did no one connect clark's return with superman's? dumb shits.

there is so much more i could talk about, but i'm just going to leave it there.
31 May 2006 @ 08:52 pm
So I thought that I was screwed. I have to send 450 bucks to dorms to Davis, and make a car payment of 170. I only had 500 in the bank, and a 100 dollar credit card bill. I didn't know what to do, I thought I was screwed, but then a miracle happened. I got 300 bucks from my grand parents for graduation. I LOVE YOU GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!

Ya so thanks to them I’m set. My dad also gave me a 100 bucks, which surprised the hell out of me. I think that my dad just hates me. He forgot my 18th birthday, but just sent josh 50 bucks for his birthday. And not that I’m complaining about getting 100 bucks for graduation, but my older brother got 2 cars and sold them to get about 3500 dollars. But to be fair, he did forget Christmas of everyone.

Someone sent me this email with a math problem.

Prove that 1 is equal to .99999...(Infinite)

Can you do? It took me 2 days, which might sound like a lot after you look at the solution, but try it yourself, it's not easy.

well this is how i got it, you might be able to do it another way.

First we give Y a value:
Y = .99999...
Then we multiply each side by 10
10Y = 9.9999...
Subtract .9999... from each side
10Y - .9999... = 9
Now as stated earlier Y = .9999... so we sub .9999... with Y
10Y - Y = 9
9Y = 9
divide both sides by 9
Y = 1
sub .9999... in for Y
.9999... = 1

Joey is always posting poems, so i figured i would post a math problem, plus this is a fun math problem. YAY MATH!
06 May 2006 @ 11:36 pm
.... Ya so I beat it.

I liked the ending but it should have been longer. What kinda made me mad was that I couldn't use any of my forms against the final boss. I spent a lot of time getting the levels up and I didn't even get to use it. I only completed about 87%. I also went through the entire game without using a single summon! GO ME!!!! I hate summons.

SO guess how long it took me to beat it. 45hours? hella too long. 40 hours? Nope shorter then that. 35? Getting close but not there. 30 hours? HAHA even lower bitch! I beat the game in 27 hours!!! SUCK IT!!!!! That’s right! Kingdom hearts is my bitch! 27 hours and 87% complete! That’s pretty damn good.

Well I don't feel like trying to get everything, so I just looked at the secret ending online. I found the Japanese version on goggle video and watched it......... that shit looked bad. IT WAS FUCKING LIVE ACTION!!!!!! It looked soooo bad that I didn't want to believe it to be true, so I looked around for another one. Everywhere I looked I saw the same thing. I finally found the English version and watched it. Understanding the text on the screen didn’t make it any better. I think that it was just the live action-ness of the scene. I know that computer graphics are trying to get more and more realistic, but you can't just switch over to live action. Realistic graphics have a touch of artistic design, and that’s what makes them good.

It looked so bad............
01 May 2006 @ 02:37 am
So Friday I dressed up like a pirate and asked Vanessa to senior ball. It was kinda funny cause she came into the back room after I had just finished changing and said "WHY ARE YOU DRESS LIKE A PIRATE!" After that I just went out into the room, in front of everyone in the class, and asked Vanessa to senior ball. I kinda felt like an idiot, but it was worth it. When I asked her I had a little speech thing that I thought up/wrote down. Here it is:

"ARH! I have come her to ask if you will join my crew and set sail for the prom. Your beauty makes my sail raise and makes me want to set out on a voyage to plunder the treasures deep with in your secret cove. You'll need protection, cannons that is for my seamen at powerful and won't be stopped easily. If you choose to go with me I promise that my family jewels will never plunder your booty, and if you pleasure me right, I will give you some of my white gold and a few pearl necklace. So will you join my ship and be my first mate?"

Well that is at least what I planned on saying, but I might have skipped a few lines cause I was nervous (and I felt like an idiot). If I weren’t already getting some this is the kinda thing that gets you laid.
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22 April 2006 @ 08:05 pm
I’m hella tired... i just spent the day moving into my new apartment. Well technically its a town house, but its in an apartment complex so ya. I boxed up and moved everything out of my room. Right now I’m lying on my bed that’s on the floor, watching my TV that’s on the floor, and eat some food that’s on the floor. Other then those things, and this computer, I have nothing in here. I officially move into the apartment tomorrow. I still have some things to move tomorrow... I’m soo tired.

The worst part about moving is that my mom came in to help me. There are so many things that I really don't want here to see, namely the condoms in my sock drawer. I was loading stuff into the truck while my mom was packing my clothes when I thought to myself:

"OH SHIT!!! The condoms are still in my sock drawer! FUCK!"

So I ran back in the house, ran up the stairs, and found my mom at the top of the stairs with a bow of clothes in her hand. She told me to take it to the truck. I wanted to run into the room and grab the condoms, but if I didn't take the box out to the car, and just ran into my room, it would look suspicious and weird if I did that. So I just took the box and ran to the car, dropped it off. I ran back to the house, back up the stairs, and there she was with another fucking box. This shit happen like 3 more time. I just kept running back and forth.

Fortunately I got extremely luckily. My mom didn't know that there was anything in the drawer, so she didn't pack up the socks. I started packing other stuff and as soon as my mom left the room I rushed to the sock drawer. In there I have 11 normal size Trojans, from when I first bought condoms and thought that it was one-size-fits-all, and like 9 Magnum XLs. I don't need the Trojans, but I spent like 10 bucks on those, so I’m going to keep the damn things. Well so what happened was that I grabbed the condoms and put them in my pocket. I didn't have anywhere else to put them so for the rest of the fucking day I’m walking around with 20 condoms in my pocket. I don't even have anywhere to put the now, so there still in my pocket. I got to think of somewhere to put then in the Apartment or else I’m just going to be walking around with condoms in my pocket until I use them all.

Well the apartment is nice. Its the apartment that is suppose to be used my the manager, but we got it some how, so it's really nice. IT looks on to a lake/river thing, I’m right above the gym thing, and the pool is right around the corner. Its 2 bed, 2 baths and the master bedroom has a walk in closet. It’s got a balcony and a pretty big livening room. Right now I have to share a room with josh, but when my mom and dad leave I get the master bedroom when ever my mom isn't there. It's near the rush river bel air, so I guess it’s in the river lake area.

We don't have an Internet connection set up yet, but I hope I don't have to run on dial up. We need cable too. Well I’m going to bed...
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20 April 2006 @ 01:40 am
So Levi's senior project is on aids. He interviewed me and some other people asking us what we know about hit and how it's spread and stuff like that. One of the theories brought up was the "man that fucked a monkey" theory.

Well Im going to lay it on the line. It wasn't the monkey thing that spread aids. It was Republicans. I know this because as many of you know, I am a Republican, a liberal republican, but a republican nonetheless. We, my fellow republicans and me (Me and George are good buddies, I play poker with him on Wednesdays and I use to date one of his daughters..... I can't remember which one..... they look the same..... Oh thats right I was dating both of them at the same time.... damn those girls are freaks...... well this is off the point) well when we get together we talk about how brilliant plan of spreading aids was.

It all started with a group of truckers, a weigh in station, and a hooker named Cindy. Cindy was an American girl who had been busted on many accounts of prostitution. Republicans came to her and told her that if she went to Africa and did them a favor that they would drop all the charges and she would never have to whore herself out again. She agreed, as any desperate women would who was living a life like her's and were willing to anything to get out of it.

So Ronald Regan set up for her to be dropped off at weigh in station (weigh in stations are stations that all truck drives have to stop at so there truck can be weighed). She was given a shot and was told that I was to help fight many of the diseases that were native to Africa, but little did she know it actually contained aids. Well upon arriving in Africa Cindy was told to go to the weigh in station and to give out "free samples". She fucked every trucker that went through. this set up the perfect dissemination process.

As the truckers drove throughout Africa they spread aid. Giving the truckers aids insured that it would be spread fast and that every whore in Africa would have it. Once aids became well known, because of the mass number of people getting sick and dieing, Republicans decided to take it a step further by talking to native Africans and telling them a brilliant lie. The lie was about how to cure aids. Republicans told them that in order to cure it they had to have sex with a virgin. This only fueled the fast moving disease.

So now you know the secret. If you dont believe me just register as a republican. Along with the republican nominee ballet you get an aids vaccine to use on your self and 5 shots to inject aids into anyone you like. If you still dont believe me just think about this, How many Republicans do you know have Aids? None. And if there are any its because they betrayed the party and there using them to set an example with other republicans.
Now that I have told you I will most likely get shot up with aids. But it was worth it just to get the truth out there.

note: this is just a joke that me and levi were talking about in calc. Please don't post shit like "Matt that so wrong...". It's a joke. lighten the fuck up. i know that aids is a serious problem, thats why i was willing to help levi and his senior project and thats why i'm going to help out Natasha with hers.
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17 April 2006 @ 08:53 am
ok so for college i need money. alot of money. alot alot of money.

so far here are the costs:

dorm room $10500
car $ 3500
car up keep $ 500 (i have no idea how much it will actually cost)
car insurence$ 1200 (again i still have no clue if thats right)
food $ 500 (cause dorm food sucks)
other shit $ 500 (cause shit happens)

total $16700

i need money.....

i can work a full time job over the summer or 2 part times to try and get money. IF i take out student loans i can pay for the dorm and if i work in college i can pay for the rest.... i wish i had more money.....
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28 March 2006 @ 11:46 pm
i got to do this fucking report thingy.... don't really want to. i foud this this funny thing.

Whose job is it?
This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.
There was an important job to be done, and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.
Somebody got angry about that
because it was Everybody's job.
Everybody thought Anybody could do it,
but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.
It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

what i think this quote is trying to say is that everybosy needs to do there part. so help control the pet population, kill a puppy. If everyone just kills one puppy then we could sovle the over population problem. hell if everyone just killed one puppy by beating it to death with a kitty then we could solve the problem faster.